Allow me to inform about Am I establishing my standards excessive?

Hello, I’m currently a junior in high school and I’m not certain of where we stay when it comes to university search/admissions. We have a ton of schools that I’m enthusiastic about, and also have a far more narrowed done list. I’m searching at fairly competitive schools, though i understand I’m maybe not any such thing unique with regards to a job candidate. I might start thinking about my self a bit above average(as a whole terms, perhaps not with regards to competitive schools), yet We don’t think my grades are that strong or my ECs are significant after all.

A bit that is little where I’m searching: 1. Mostly Boston/Mass schools along with 1 or 2 and VA. I’m originally from a location right outside of Boston, but relocated to VA once I ended up being young and have now done all my general public schooling here, but I’m really thinking about coming back up north! 2. BC&BU are several of my fantasy schools, but We don’t think We have that great of the possibility, and they’re extremely expensive. 3. My parents make pretty money that is decent pretty normal middle income) but we don’t would like them to need to spend a lot of money for an training, nor do I want to be with debt forever. I’m just starting to feel just like maybe a less prestigious, but more school that is affordable i really could get scholarships and do very well at could be better? 4. I’m sure a whole lot in regards to a decent number of mass/ne schools(from cousins) but nevertheless feel just like We don’t have sufficient match/safety schools in NE along with other places in eastern shore. If any suggestions are had by you, please share!:)

I have a pretty good idea about where I think my grades should be at the end of this year, yet no guarantee below i’m going to share my stats with my projections for this year.

First check out primary things he’s not involved in alumni stuff or anything/ wouldn’t really consider myself a legacy) -from Boston, raised in upper/avg middle class suburb in VA -public but fairly competitive and high ranking state high school -catholic(idk/doubt this will help at BC, but figured I’d mention) also pretty involved in church volunteering & youth groups about me in terms of my application: -White, female -Parents are from working class Irish/Italian Boston backgrounds/ both vocational hs educated(not college) -grandpa went to northeastern, but that’s pretty much the only person(beside those of my generation and my aunts/uncles) that went to college

Stats/projected stats: •GPAs without junior 12 months stuff UW: 3.83 W: 3.89 -got a C in precalc otherwise all As and another B *BTW my college doesn’t weight honors, just APs and +/- don’t count in Gpa just last letter*

•Before this year I took 1 Ap (individual Geo) sophomore year and got a the and a 5 in the exam -also yes I took a international lang(spanish 1-4 all As)

•This 12 months I’m using: AP Euro: using exam, A AP Bio: maybe not using exam, A AP Lang: using exam, A APUSH: using exam, quite difficult inside my school on verge of A&B but could be pleased with either Calc( maybe maybe not AP): most likely a B Econ( perhaps perhaps not AP simply grad req): A Gym(grad req): a media (yearbook/journalism course that had to take bc match my routine): A

•So; -w/o A in Apush UW: 3.80 W: 4.0 -w/ A in Apush UW: 3.84 W: 4.03 -w/ A in Apush & calc(highest my Gpa might be appearing out of jr year) UW: 3.88 W: 4.07

ECs (at the time of at this time): •played field hockey for just two years, stopped this season after neck/back problems -considering finding its way back the following year, but feel for college apps like it might trigger my back problems again, is it worth it?

•Honors Societies: -spanish -social studies-NHS that is-english*may for leadership jobs this year*

•Key Club: have actually about 60hrs presently, not to included or motivated this sugardaddy il 12 months since I’ve heard colleges don’t ever care about this type of fundamental club. -would it is worth it to obtain straight straight back involved? -not trying to be lazy, simply feel just like possibly i ought to focus on other items

•Spanish club -considered “founding member” by club sponsor since me personally (&like 40 other young ones) were users the very first 12 months

•FBLA (future company leaders of America): we don’t do DECA but we do raise money/ find out about business and such

•Exceptional Friends: club that fits not very usually, assists down unique requirements children in school -my school hosts so we help you a large region wide special olympics type thing

•Part of a volunteer/youth group inside my church: fairly tangled up in volunteering

•Lastly, at the start of the entire year I became actually considering beginning a club that is negureally helps to raise money&awareness for youth cancer tumors) we also got an touch with some body through the company -I could constantly nevertheless have the club startup approval from great some ideas/ motivated, but i’m i am extremely stressed and overrun with my course load -still prepared to begin it, great deal of thought means too much to me, and i truly think it can be a typical “we founded my very own club” kind of thing -let me know if you believe this can be well worth getting into/ can help my application standout!

•Intended Major: Business/marketing

•Also i understand I’m simply my jr year, but i’ve an idea that is good my primary essay/personal statement that can help (idk inform me) at Boston schools -as I said I’m from Boston, but was raised in VA, and would start thinking about myself author -I’m not likely to share my precise concept, but intend on chatting a great deal about/tying in ideas in just what Boston way to me with regards to the culture/why i wish to go back, comparing the diff b/w how I group up top mid class VA/ when compared with my moms and dads big, working class families outside of the city & how I desire to be usually the one to Bos/Mass and head to college and be successful -just thought I’d mention, as it might help at these schools since I’m very interested!

•Finally: i might really prefer to produce a decision that is financially responsible into university considering my cousins/older household buddies telling my stories and their situations at costly schools and w/debt, if you could point out schools with good monetary aid/ security or any schools w/ good scholarship possibilities, quite definitely appreciated.

It this far, thank you so much! in the event that you made! We don’t visitors to speak to about university apps/search, though we’ll likely obtain an outside consultant in the summer. All responses appreciated, and thank you for using the right time for you to read exactly about me personally!